Our Story

Save The Plastic started in 2017 when a few friends decided to become problem lovers! With a passion for the ocean and a deep devotion to marine conservation, we chose to focus our forces and skills on the current environmental issue of plastics. Travels across four continents showed us the extent of the problem and increased our understanding of the vast presence of single-use plastics in the environment.

This is a multilevel and complex issue that doesn’t have any sexy and simple solution. We believe that bringing awareness and encouraging cooperation between local stakeholders is the right place to start. As seen in our mission, we aim to spread awareness and help local governments construct and implement realistic, locally based actions that tackle the plastic pollution.

Our Team

We are a Belgian-based nonprofit association with a visceral and unconditional love for our blue planet and its inhabitants. We believe in diversity and cooperation underwater as well as on land; our team and crew are from diverse backgrounds and horizons but we all share a love for the ocean. We believe that cooperation and dedicated involvement can create a positive synergy to reverse the current trends.

Yanitza “Yana” Grantcharska

Founder and Executive Director

Yana is a marine conservationist and a town-planner. Since 2013, she devoted her life to protecting the Ocean with New Heaven Reef Conservation Program in Thailand and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. With an Ocean Policy degree from the University of Hawaii she has decided to combine, develop and apply her experience to follow her heart and globally spread her knowledge and respect for the ocean by giving communities the skills they need to implement change.

Rahul Mehrotra

Scientific Advisor

Is a marine biologist and ecologist with a wide array of passions. He is currently completing his PhD at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok while carrying out his duties as director of research at the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program. He is perhaps best known for his work documenting the life of unexplored muck habitats and studies on the diversity and ecology of sea slugs in the Gulf of Thailand.

Maggi Seida

Core volunteer

Maggie grew up near the Pacific with ocean air and salty hair. As a marine scientist mermaid, she takes her camera under the surface in hopes that her photos help people realize that we are all affected by the ocean just as the ocean is affected by us. She believes that together, we can make our effect positive.

Noemie Buffat

Core Volunteer

Nature and Ocean Lover, Spiritual Being, Sustainability Project Officer, and part-time mermaid, Noemie is doing her best to open the path to a more harmonious future by acting for different projects around the world.

Our Board of Directors

Margarita Grantcharska-De Muynck – Founder
Boyka Grancharska – Founder

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief
that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan