Nusa Penida, Indonesia

( Local partners: BIWA, YourStraw, Penida Colada, Freedive Nusa, Trash Heros Nusa Penida, KlunKung Marine Conservation Department)

Education Outreach Program in Nusa Penida’s school. We are planting seeds in the young generation–the future leaders, business owner and responsible citizens, they have the power to create a more sustainable future for Nusa Penida. Visiting schools to give talks about plastic pollution and marine pollution is the first step to tackle the growing plastic pollution issue that is facing this little island. After giving presentations to more than 450 students and teachers, we organized a big social event to bring together the staff and students from the schools we visited as well as representatives from the local government. We also encouraged the students to bring their families! We had a land and beach cleanup followed by educational games, live music and food for all participants. Taking care of our land should be also fun!!

In January 2019 began our fruitful collaboration with Indo Ocean Project on Nusa Penida.

An outstanding marine conservation program. The entire team embraced Save The Plastic philosophy and values. Our Workshops became part of the curriculum for all their Research Dvimaster interns thanks to who we have collected the majority of our data.

Koh Tao, Thailand

(Local partners: New Heaven Reef Conservation Program , 5 Gyres Institute and New Heaven Dive School)

In our Marine Plastic Pollution assessment for the island of Koh Tao, we are helping the local government with the diagnostic of the plastic pollution level of the island in order to propose alternatives and local actions that can be implemented island-wide. Waste management is a major issue for islands that already have a damaged or fragile ecosystem. Combined with an increasing number of tourists each year, it becomes very challenging to improve the efficiency of the waste management system. However, preserving nature and the coral reefs is often crucial for the long term and sustainable economic future of these tourist-dependant island economies.

La Luz, Philippines

(Local Partner:

Education in a school while volunteering for marine conservation project. Yana was helping with the deployment and setup of an artificial coral reef of 150m2, which is using the mineral accretion technology. We performed 3 talks at the local school of Laiya fisherman village, Batangas.