ADEX OCEAN19 FESTIVAL Dedicated to the Ocean

ADEX OCEAN19 FESTIVAL Dedicated to the Ocean – For a plastic free future

In 2019 Plastic Pollution often made the headlines. While scientists are going dipper, higher and further, they bring back even more evidence about the alarming extent of this pervasive pollution. New researches show that we can find plastic particles in the deepest parts of the Ocean, as well as on the heist summits. We also ingest plastic daily through the food we eat, the water or beers we drink and the air we breathe. In this context, the annual ADEX Singapore dive show reunion was dedicated that year to a plastic free Ocean.

Save The Plastic was kindly invited as speaker to this annual reunion. We presented our preliminary results for the Marine Plastic Pollution Assessments on Koh Tao, Thailand and Nusa Penida, Indonesia. In our talk, we emphasized the importance of citizen science for marine conservation research and the benefits this methodology generates down the line.

Using citizen science to assess the Marine Plastic Pollution in Southeast Asia, case study Koh Tao and Nusa Penida”

We would love to warmly express our gratitude to all volunteers who joined our different projects and donated time, devotion and enthusiasm to accomplish the tasks.

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